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Jhuknaa 90fw - 36.5" - carbon 90 fine woven €120.00
The well-known Jhuknaa sticks are indispensable from The Indian Maharadja collection. These centrally balanced extreme low bow sticks are available in two characteristic and professional designs. The Jhuknaa 90 fine-woven is an extreme low bow stick with a 25mm bow height at about 20cm from the slim maxi head. A professional, high-end stick with carbon look, backhand protection and an extra grip surface on the inside of the hook. Produced with a high-quality carbon content of 90 and with 3-core technology which provides a lot of strength, stiffness and more damping value. The special low bend ensures a shorter rotation from forehand to backhand and therefore a quick stick handling. Thanks to the thicker shaft (larger mid-stick diameter) just under the grip, the Jhuknaa sticks provide extra grip, reducing the chance of unwanted rotation of the stick during the push and drag flick. This in combination with the extreme low bow curvature makes the sticks ideal for the drag flick and scoop. The Jhuknaa 90 fine-woven offers the technical player an excellent combination of control, fast stick handling and power.
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SEASON 2018-2019
BOW / CURVE 25 mm extreme low bow
GRIP extreme cushion grip
FINISH semi matte coating, carbon look
BOW / CURVE (MM) 25 mm
BOW / CURVE (LOC) extreme low bow - 20 cm
COLOR denimblue / white
MATERIAL carbon 90 fine woven
SIZE 36.5"
CORE / PROTECTION LEVEL 3-core technology